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25 February 2015

News item appeared in Bangladesh Financial Express.

Jute Mills owners under the leadership of BJMA, have urged the Government of Bangladesh to take measures for non- classification of sector’s fresh loan to help business to recoup losses caused by political unrest. It urged the Textile and Jute Secretary to halt deductions of existing tax at source for 5 years and export earning’s quarterly bank interests.

Further it requested the Government to provide financial assistance for export of environment friendly jute products from Export Development Fund. Quite a good number of jute Mills have been affected by low demand of jute bags in International market compounded by series of political strike, road blockade, transport disruption, delay in shipment.

14 February 2015

90% mandatory jute packaging for food grains and 20% for sugar.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has recently approved Mandatory Packaging of 90% of food grains produced in India as well as 20% of sugar in Jute bags for the 2014-15 crop season beginning July 2014.

This preserves the position as in the past and helps the Jute Sector. This removes, a state of uncertainty in the sector .Incidentally 80% of the Jute Mills in India are located in West Bengal.

However there are riders to this decision .In case the Jute Mills are unable to produce /supply bags according to the full indent made by the Jute Commissioner’s Office, then there can be relaxation up to 10% by the Ministry of Food. This relaxation can be further extended up to 30% in the event of any disruption of supply of Jute Goods by Mills. Sugar meant for export and bulk packaging in excess of 100kg have also been exempted from this order.

12 February 2015

Jute made the Kolkata Book fair environment friendly.

The 39th International book fair ended on 8th Feb 2015 was all green as National Jute Board in association with Publishers and Book sellers Guild set a number of kiosks for selling low cost Jute bags. Several booksellers and publishers also sold books wrapped in Jute Bags instead of Plastic bags .This has definitely created a new concept of 100% environment friendly packaging product among the book lovers.

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